Doctor Periodical

Doctor Periodical - Academic - Weird Scientist


Doctor periodical


Strength 3
Willpower 4
Resistance 3
Essence 4
Initial skill points 8
Hero points 4
Max wounds 6


Gadgeteering (invention) 4
Animal handling 3
Science (High Intelligence) 3
Perception 2
Exploring 1
Linguistics 1
Self-promotion/publicity 1
Exotic Dancing 1
Brawl 1
Bluff 1
Catch 1
Climb 1
Dodge 1
Hide 1
Run 1
Search 1
Sneak 1
Swim 1
Throw 1
Ranged 1
Melee 1


Doctor Periodical was born in Pewsey, England, and currently resides in his ancestral home of Summerisle Castle. He is best described as an academic, gadgeteer, and member of the League of Adventure Seekers.
He looks like Ben Miller dressed in the gear of Professor Elemental and can typically be found in a pith helmet, turtle-neck, adventuring trousers, boots, and sporting a stylish ivory pipe.
The good doctor’s aims in life are modest. He wishes to maintain his membership in “the Gentleman’s Club” in good standing, get published in an actual scientific journal, avoid any distracting romantic entanglements, and discover new and interesting things on behalf of England and the Empire.
The Doctor’s father was the famous Polar Explorer, Sir Lance Summerisle, of the noble family of the same name. He married Lady Therese Montgomery (a lovely woman but a little funny in the head). The Doctor enjoyed a halcyon childhood within the grand castle’s walls and grounds. His father was often away, but came back with terrific presents from abroad.
In his teenage years Doctor Periodical attended Boarding School. He was shunned by his peers as “weird”, mostly because they could not understand his fantastic discoveries. His father dissapeared in an expedition to the South Magnetic Pole and his mother was destroyed by grief, succumbing to illness and death shortly thereafter. The young doctor, now alone in the world, entered university with a vision to “better science”.
After pottering around at university for a period he was asked to leave – his theories being “too radical” for the conservative environment. Returning home to the empty castle he quickly became bored and, in desperate need of diversion, began following in his father’s footsteps – channelling his energies into a life of adventure. He travelled the world in search of “treasures” to bring home (while saving people from mischief-makers on the side). After some years of pestering the League of Adventure Seekers he was invited to join.
His proudest moment was presenting a Golden Frog to King George (on the monarch’s birthday) that he had liberated from the natives of “some god-forsaken spit of land that no civilised person ever had any business visiting”. His greatest regret is that he was away at school when his mother passed away.
His greatest enemy is Dr Wernstrom, a well respected, famous (and now tenured) member of academia who had been a member of Periodical’s class at university. According to Doctor Periodical, Wernstrom has somehow been stealing Periodical’s research for years.
Doctor Periodical has an adventurous spirit, a sense of entitlement, and a trust fund. He is eccentric, creative, stubborn, outspoken, and independant. He reacts by the seat of his pants but has an appropriate sense of caution. He is whimsical, deeply committed to England’s empire and utterly confounded by women – his early fumbling advances towards women often being met with a confused sense of affront that led him to the conclusion that women are too illogical and unreasonable to be worth his time.
“The Doc”, despite his social inadequacies, is actually a good freind once you get to know him, resourceful and intelligent, but his blind commitment to science can lead him to dabble in things best left alone.
He believes in SCIENCE, first, foremost, and only.
His only friends are Nick Swift and Geoffrey, his Orangutan Butler.
His most recent appearance in the Journal of the League of Adventure Seekers was in the issue entitled “Doctor Periodical and the Countdown to Doomsday”". He also appeared recently in the issue entitled “Nick Swift and the fogotten people”, saving the world by reversing the polarity of the neutron flow in an evil machine and saving an enslaved planet.
Doctor Periodical loves tea, tinkering with gadgets and adventuring. He cannot stand children, the French, or women with attitude (note to readers – this character was invented and is being played by a female).
The Doctor also has a secret… [but we’re not telling].

He can be described as having the following traits…

  • An adventurous spirit
  • Eccentricity
  • A strong sense of entitlement
  • Creativity
  • Stubbornness
  • Independence
  • Outspokenness
  • Whimsey in the face of tragedy
  • Confusion in the face of romance
  • Blind adherence to King and Country
  • Even more blind adherance to SCIENCE!

He has developed the following skills

  • High Intelligence
  • Invention
  • Animal Handling
  • Linguistics
  • Exploration
  • Self-promotion/publicity
  • Exotic dancing

Doctor Periodical’s most cherished possessions include

  • A trust fund
  • A tea flask from his mother
  • The golden frog presented to King George on the occasion of the monarch’s birthday
  • His Workshop
  • Tea and a kettle
  • Summerisle Castle
  • A menaagerie, including Geoffrey (his Orangutan Butler)
  • His Toolkit
  • A “magic” Spear and other artefacts from previous expeditions
  • His ivory pipe
  • A Blunderbuss

Doctor Periodical

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