Gomez Santiago

Gomez Santiago - Petty Villain - Police Chief



Gomez Santiago is the Nazca Chief of Police. He is a corrupt and venal man who is hated by the townsfolk and only has the support of his men because he allows them to engage in extortion of the townsfolk without interference. His white uniform is always beautifully pressed and clean and covered in medals (which he has obtained through bribery). He is vain and petty and cares little for who is innocent or guilty. He merely wishes to clear his books of crimes and as such will happily frame the first person he encounters who looks like they will fit the bill. He is also the magistrate so he doesn’t have to worry about being found out at trial.


A small man with a suspicious and unpleasant nature, he has always been hated. A natural bully with little conscience he gravitated towards power and money. Policing seemed to offer him the greatest opportunity for graft and the exercise of his petty ambitions. He is married to a woman who left him during their first year. He is bitter and vindictive and remembers every slight he was ever dealt.

Gomez Santiago

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