Jose Dominguez

Jose Dominguez - Academic - Guide/Archaeologist



Jose is young but extremely unwell at the time he is encountered by the heroes. He has been a slave of the Technomaster for almost a year and has been treated very harshly because of his repeated attempts at escape. He has proved unusually resistant to the Technomaster’s magical potions.

He is dressed in rags and is little more than skin and bones, running a high fever, and close to death. His voice is thin and reedy and his English is broken and heavily accented. In the prime of health he would be a very good looking young man.


Jose and his brother grew up in the Ayacucho region of Peru. He was always of a scholarly bent and won a scholarship (supplemented by the hard work of his brother, Felicio) that allowed him to pursue university study. He is an expert on ancient Meso-American cultures and a sought after guide to Peru’s jungle interior. He met Claire Mannix as part of an expedition searching for the City of the Gold Spider and the two fell in love. However, their plans for marriage were thwarted when the expedition was captured and enslaved by the Technomaster. While Jose himself was able to resist the Technomaster’s brain washing potions, Claire was not so fortunate and became the unwilling High Priestess of the Crocodile Cult of the Teeth, sent to Star City to prepare the way for the Technomaster’s return through a series of bloody human sacrifices and ritual magicks.

Jose Dominguez

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