Mercy Jones

Mercy Jones - Mystic - Photo journalist


Mercedes (Mercy) Jones



Mercedes looks like a smiling and cheerful librarian in a fedora. She wears muted tones (skirt, shirt, vest, and trench-coat). She is rarely seen without her umbrella under her right arm and the hair pins she wears are lethal when thrown.


She has an eidetic memory and a great love of photography. Her night vision is exceptional, as is her capacity to notice small details. She is very competitive, persuasive and has many friends in low places. She loves to fish, can also handle a boat well and can pick up the history of an object simply by handling it with her bare hands (a learned skill called “Constance’s Object Reading” in memory of her mother. She has also learned “Fionella’s Telekinetic Object Return” from a Portuguese medium she met in New Guinea.


She has a need to travel, a love of boats, an open mind, dogged determination, and an almost blind loyalty to her friends and family. She is stoic, affecting a stiff upper lip and never crying in public. She is relentlessly curious about the water (both freshwater and the open sea), and the paranormal. Despite her desire to travel she prefers to see the world through the perceived safety of her camera lens. The loss of her first love has left her resigned to a life alone (and afraid to fly). She is nervous of plane travel in the aftermath of his death, and while polite, even to those she despises, she believes respect is earned rather than given as a right. She is scrupulously honest and very hard working, but dislikes “delicate” women or being treated as “delicate” herself.

Guiding Beliefs

She believes you should never cry in public and that your first loyalty is to your family and friends.


Recent Adventures

Mercedes Jones featured most recently in the League of Adventure Seekers publications “Mercy Jones and the Cult of the Red Dragon”, “Mercy Jones and the Portrait of the Abominable Snowman”, and “Mercy Jones and the Mystery of the Sky Whale Song”. She made guest appearances in “Penelope Goodhart and the Cursed Idol of Madagascar” (helping Penelope save the world) and also in “Michael Schneider and the Brass Colossus of Macao” (where she saved Michael’s life).

Personal History


Mercy was an only child, but comes from a large extended family. She lived a wild and carefree childhood in Nova Scotia amongst a large number of high spirited male cousins. She gained her love of photography as a child though she learned the skills of the art later. Her father was at home in the water and taught her to love boats and fishing. She carries a pendant belonging to her grandmother. It is a malformed black pearl and has a tendency to tug gently in the direction of items of mystical significance when they are nearby. Her grandmother and mother both have unusual gifts and Mercy’s mother, Constance, taught her the art of reading a things history through her hands.
Mercy is fanatically attached to her cousins and returns home to see them every every summer as part of a large family reunion.

Teen years

The first half of Mercy’s teenage years were spent on the Island of Nova Scotia but the second half was spent on the mainland. It was during these years that her father was lost at sea. She deeply regrets that she was not at home to assist in the search. While at school she bought her first camera from a curio shop with prize money for a picture she took. It is the same camera she uses now and it was almost as if it was waiting for her to find it. It has the uncanny ability to capture images of any spirits that enter the frame.


As an adult, Mercy went to college to study journalism, but ultimately preferred photography and began her career as a photojournalist for a newspaper based in Ottawa. She met, fell in love with, and became engaged to another journalist (Sebastian Wish) who died shortly thereafter in a plane crash when he was coming to visit her in New Guinea. She still clings to his memory but the trauma has left her afraid of flying and she often secretly wishes she had died with him. It was in New Guinea that she met a Portuguese Gypsy named Fionella who taught her the ability to retrieve her hair-pins telekinetically after they have been thrown. As a photojournalist she has spent a significant amount of time chronicling the authentic face of street life. As a result she has established many connections in various places around the world. The first publication of one of her photos in a major newspaper stands out as one of her proudest moments.

Important Possessions

She owns an ancient Box Brownie camera and refuses to use anything else. Her umbrella is also very precious to her (and a formidable weapon in her hands). It even has a gun barrel and firing mechanism attached to it and a detachable sword blade. Her hair pins, and pendant are also particularly precious to her.


Her travels as a journalist means she knows writers and editors etc. from all over the world, and her fascination with photographing the real life of the streets has built her a wide range of connections.


She has, in her adventures, attracted the ire of at least two individuals. Nicholas Hooke is a competitive photojournalist from a rival paper whom Mercy exposed as a plagiarist. He would do anything to be revenged upon her. Hayley Dodger had been engaged to Sebastian Wish before he met Mercy. When he met Mercy it was love at first sight and he broke off the engagement. Hayley blames Mercy for his death and for the dashing of her own hopes.






Mercy Jones

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