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Penelope Goodhart



Penelope looks like a classic 40’s actress playing the role of Amelia Earheart. She has light brownish-copper curls and dark brown eyes. She is most commonly seen wearing camel coloured slacks, a brown leather jacket, and a scarf. She stands tall and proud, often with her hands on her hips, and has a very sassy air about her.


She is very agile, logical, and has a knack for languages. She is a master of kung fu, has gained a surprising amount of education in the occult, and is an exceptional combat pilot. She can also shoot and employ a bullwhip to devastating effect.


She has a fierce sense of loyalty, an uncommonly strong will, and absolutely zero self-doubt. She is heroic, curious, delights in mysteries and puzzles, fears nothing, and “respectfully” disregards authority. She is brash, is deceptively strong, and a naturally take-charge leader. She loves to get her hands dirty on the job and has a quick wit and a smart mouth. Despite her brashness, she has learned to respect the myriad of people and cultures she has encountered, learning to empathise with their pain and circumstances.
She is spoilt, and at times stubborn, and selfish. She is also impulsive and doesn’t consider consequences. Her pet hates are smarmy, snide, arrogant and ruthless people.

Guiding Beliefs

She believes you should never suffer fools lightly and that there are few situations that can’t be fixed with the application of a good smack and some judicious violence. Her family matters to her above all else.


Recent Adventures

Penelope Goodhart featured most recently in the League of Adventure Seeker’s publications “Penelope Goodhart and the Ghost Tarantulas from Jupiter”, “Penelope Goodhart and the the Burmuda Triangle”, and “Penelope Goodhart and the Cursed Idol of Madagascar”. She made guest appearances in “Dr. John Waters and the Riddle of the Black Widow’s Howl” (saving his life) and also in “Mercy Jones and the Cult of the Red Dragon” (where she assisted Mercy in saving the world).

Personal History


Penelope was born into money (with a silver spoon in her mouth). Her fabulously wealthy parents afforded her every opportunity that money could buy. She was a passionate tomboy who was never discouraged in anything she wished to attempt and who was always loved.

As a youngster she was given a baby Elephant named Cheesecake. The Elephant has been her most cherished friend and pet throughout her upbringing. It is kept, still, on her parent’s estate, and it is the first thing she visits whenever she goes home.
Penelope tormented her governess during her early upbringing and when the poor woman had an (ultimately fatal) heart attack, Penelope was filled with guilt and regret.

Teen years

During her teen years she went to the best schools, holidayed in exclusive locations, and rubbed shoulders with the rich and daring. She was popular and well liked among her peers, but had an unwavering sense of adventure that sent her teachers’ hair gray. Her insatiable curiosity led her to spend a great deal of time trying to find and solve unsolvable mysteries.

While away at boarding school her mother sent her a vial of perfume on a delicate gold chain, ostensibly as a reminder of home. The pendant occasionally grows hot against her skin (particularly in times of danger or distress) and her mother refuses to discuss where she obtained it.

During her holiday’s she worked along side Professor James Wexter (a family friend) on various archaeological digs. She began working on the most menial of tasks but worked her way up to the position of junior assistant (something she is incredibly proud of).


As an adult, Penelope gave in to the lure of adventure, travelling the globe assisting great men and women who undertook harrowing journeys and expeditions into the unknown. As a result of these experiences she honed her knack for fighting, drinking, and, most importantly, flying.

She encouraged her friends to pursue adventure but saw this end in tragedy when, following her advice, Teddy Whitman (the brother of one of her school rivals) set out to sail around the world and drowned. Moira Whitman (Teddy’s Sister) is one of the few who can cause Penelope’s self-assurance to come crashing down by playing on her guilt.
Penelope enjoys romantic entanglements (of which she has had many) but does not pursue them. She takes a light-hearted approach to matters of the heart and refuses to be tied down. She is willing to go through proper channels to achieve her ends but invariably ignore the results if they do not suit her.

Her aims in life are simple; to shock high society, to build a group of friends who share her desire to shake up the status-quo, to fight evil and have a jolly good time doing so, and to have fun while remaining footloose and fancy free.

She joined the League of adventure seekers because she is compelled (almost to the point of obsession) to seek adventure – and this is something the league can provide.

Important Possessions

She owns a Grumman Goose cargo plane (named Evelyn) that she has fitted out with a pair of strafing guns on the wings and a tail gun. She is rarely without her bullwhip and her mother’s pendant, and on one of her adventures she was gifted a Colt 1911 pistol that she keeps with her at all times. She is also adept in the use of a bullwhip. The plane and her elephant are her most cherished possessions.


Her travels have given her numerous allies; several families in high social positions (located around America and Europe), connections obtained through contacts from her school days, and a string of lovers from all walks of life.


She has, in her adventures, repeatedly come across the trail of the White Shadow, an assassin who always seems to be one step ahead of her, who always seems to take out the target before she can save them. She would dearly love to bring this fiend to justice.






Penelope Goodhart

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