Storm Warning

It is 1933 and the age of wonder is upon us. A world wide depression may have struck (and may ultimately lead to a war of all against all) but its shadow has failed to dampen the overall spirit of optimism in the air. Most people are hopeful and optimistic of a better day ahead. Backyard inventors are designing rocket packs in their sheds. A new energy source appears to be around every corner and the blank spaces on the world map are being filled in more and more every day. Progress! That is what the world is witness to! New opportunities for adventure and intrigue present themselves to the bold and the brave every day.

But when a letter from a friend calls you back to New York City from your own most recent adventuring (on behalf of the “League of Adventure Seekers”) you begin to uncover a mystery that may threaten the very survival of the world.

Interested? Take a look at the adventure log. Also check out the wiki for important locations, encounters, objects, and information uncovered. Lastly, check out the characters and the NPCs that take part in this game.

Old Time Radio Drama Adventures

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