Arturo Majalel

Arturo Majalel - Adventurer - Truck Driver/Guide - Coward



Arturo is extremely friendly and a little obsequious. His clothes are well worn by his travels but he is clean. He is short and a little round with the calloused hands of someone who works hard for a living. He is as strong as an ox and easily loads and unloads his truck alone.
He owns his truck and does all the mechanical work on it himself. He is a shrewd survivor of uncertain times. He has a daughter named Rosa who is the center and circumferance of his life – he would do anything for her.


Arturo is from Ayacucho village but his work takes him far from home for long stretches of time. He grew up there with a minimum of schooling but an aptitude for mechanical work and a survivors ability to find money when it is needed. He married young but his wife died in childbirth. His daughter is everything to him, but he has not been around much to raise her, leaving that to the village. He was away when the difficulties stemming from the repopulation of the City of the Gold Spider began.

Arturo Majalel

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