Chakra Khan

Chakra Khan (Villain) - Soldier - Tactician


Chakra Khan (Deceased)


Chakra Khan was an enormous, super-intelligent, mountain gorilla bull-ape who stood erect and fought with a great mastery of tactics. He was a master swordsman, habitually wielding two swords at a time and was proficient with most forms of modern firearm.

Khan, pursued by members of the League of Adventure Seekers, died at the gates of the jungle city of Zinj at the hands of his own people while trying to murder two children (the kidnapped son and daughter of the President of the Republic of Congo).


Raised in the jungle citadel of Zinj to lead his people to a new utopia, Khan became bitter at the continued destruction wrought by the human species and set out with an ape army to end humanity’s dominance in the world. He rejected the peaceful ways of his people (and more especially his father) and sought to establish a human free state in the Congo, launching a nearly successful attack on the capital of Kinshasa before being forced to retreat.

Chakra Khan

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