Dr. John Waters

Dr. John Waters - Academic - Weird Scientist


Dr. John Waters



Dr. John Waters is tall and thin, a former-day Brian Cox in appearance. He wears a brown suit with a fedora and gives the appearance of being a weakling.


In his youth he realised he was a brilliant problem solver. He excelled at school where he mastered Physics, Chemistry, and Linguistics. At university he mastered Latin and Greek, developed a gift for Medicine, and read Ancient History (where he indulged an interest in ancient wisdom and fringe science). He can achieve amazing feats of weird science.


He has the manners of a gentleman and an enormous curiosity about the world. John’s experiences as a child have taught him an intense hatred of bullies and provided him with empathy for the underdog. He loves to read and is obsessive when talking about his beloved science (but aware that he can be boring at times). A self-reliant loner, John has supreme confidence in his abilities but often gets so caught up in his work that he loses all track of time. The humiliation of watching some of his greatest scientific breakthroughs fail under the scrutiny of his peers has left him determined never to fail again. For John, romance is a complete waste of time and authority is to be tolerated (but often gets in the way).

Guiding Beliefs

John firmly believes that hard work leads to success and that politeness goes a long way. He wishes to unlock the secrets of the universe and fiercely committed to doing so.


Recent Adventures

Dr. John Waters featured most recently in the League of Adventure Seekers publications “Dr. John Waters and the Mystery of the Talking Fish”, “Dr. John Waters and the Riddle of the Black Widow’s Howl”, and “Dr. John Waters and the Attack of the Corpse Snatcher Vines”. He made guest appearances in “Michael Schneider and the Desert Temple Cult” (helping Michael save the world) and also in “Penelope Goodhart and the Bermuda Triangle” (where he saved Penelope’s life).

Personal History


John was born to an extended family of wealthy merchants in England (and was particularly close to his Grandfather) but was sent, early, to a boarding school. He was bullied mercilessly and became somewhat withdrawn as a result. His comfort during those years was a Sea Captain’s Chest sent to him by the Chief merchant captain who worked for his father. In it, he kept all his greatest treasures. Somehow, to this day, John feels there is a mystery surrounding that chest that he is yet to fathom.

Teen years

At school John excelled at his studies but made a poor athlete. He tended to spend more time with his teachers than with the other students and nurtured a great (and ongoing) love for science. When his grandfather died he received the old man’s fob watch as his inheritance.


John’s proudest moment came when, having been accepted to Cambridge, he earned his doctorate in fringe science. He was all set for a brilliant research career when, sadly, he was forced to move to America after being laughed out of the academic community when one of his key research insights fell apart under scrutiny. He is determined never to fail again, and still regrets the humiliation that resulted. Over time he has developed his own sophisticated lab and library, but keeps a small, portable lab (that packs into his sea chest) with him most of the time. Nothing gives him greater pleasure than making a new scientific discovery and his greatest desire is to be left to do his work in peace and remain unattached. His experience at Cambridge has left him deeply suspicious of other scientists (who he actively dislikes and avoids). The Dean of Studies at Cambridge is the target of his particular disdain since the man seems to have made it his life’s work to challenge every finding that John has ever attempted to publish. Despite his desire to remain a recluse, John’s curiosity to find and uncover new/secret knowledge has led him into many adventures. His current project aims to fathom the secrets of the self-refilling cup.

Important Possessions

John’s most important possessions are his mysterious Sea Captain’s Chest (used to house his portable science lab), his equipment, lab, and books, and his grandfather’s fob watch. His lab and scientific notes are chief among them in importance.


Even though they are a long way away, John’s family remain the most important people in his life. Horatio Carson, the sea captain who gave him the sea chest, though getting on in years now, has continued to follow John’s progress in life. He always seems to be expecting something when John visits (though what it might be remains uncertain). John also has numerous contacts in the ocean shipping industry.


John only has one real enemy; Dr James Vane, Dean of Studies at Cambridge University. It seems that Dr. Vane goes out of his way to block all John’s attempts to re-enter respectable academic life.






Dr. John Waters

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