Felicio Dominguez

Felicio Dominguez - Adventurer - Brother to Jose Dominguez


Felicio has made the long trip to the United States from Peru, smuggling himself across the border in order to find and plead with the members of the League of Adventure Seekers responsible for the arrest and incarceration of Claire Mannix.

Felicio believes Claire to be innocent of the murders she has been responsible for and suggests that proof she has been operating under the influence of mind control can be found in the city of the gold spider, near Ayacucho, Peru.



Felicio and his brother grew up in the small Peruvian town of Ayacucho. While his brother went on to academic study and life as an archaeologist and guide, Felicio was happy to make his way as a labourer and truck driver.

He was thrilled to learn that his brother had become engaged to an American university student on one of the expeditions he was guiding.

The arrival of the Technomaster and the subsequent enslavement of many of the villagers (those who wouldn’t join him at any rate) occurred while Felicio was working elsewhere. He returned to Ayacucho to discover that the ancient ruins of the City of the Gold Spider had been discovered and that his brother was now a slave. Jose managed to get a message to him, begging him to go to the U.S in search of members of the League of Adventure Seekers to help them in their extremity.

Felicio Dominguez

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