Gerald O'Reilly

Gerald o’Reilly - Adventurer - Detective


Gerald o reilly


Strength 4
Willpower 5
Resistance 4
Essence 5
Initial skill points 12
Hero points 5
Max wounds 10

Pistol 4
Intimidate 2
Carouse 2
Brawl 3
Bluff 2
Catch 1
Climb 1
Hide 1
Perception 2
Run 1
Search 2
Sneak 1
Swim 1
Throw 1
Melee 1
Horse riding -1


Gerald o’Reilly, born in Boston, Massatucetts and currently residing in New York, is a private-eye, adventurer, and member of the League of Adventure Seekers.
He looks like **************************** and is typically found dressed in baggy, ill-fitting, yet comfortable clothes.
Gerald’s aims in life are ****************************************
He was born in Boston to Irish Catholic parents, the son of a longshoreman and the youngest of nine children.
In his teenage years, Gerald ran away and began getting into trouble. He went to New York and spent a few years living rough and falling afoul of the Police. If it weren’t for the intervention of the boxing priest, Father Murphy, who took him in hand and set him on a less self-destructive path, who knows what might have happened?
Gerald eventually entered the police force where he worked as a beat cop for 10 years before *******************
His proudest moment was the ***************************. His greatest regret is never learning to ride a horse.
His greatest enemy is mobster Paul “Paulie” Luciano. Gerald ************************.
Gerald is gregarious, generous, and **************** but he is also superstitious, theatrical, loud and **************************.
Gerald believes authority is a necessary evil and, though casual in his romantic entanglements, that loyalty is primary. ***********************
The person who matters most to him outside his family is the gangster’s moll, Ruby McGuire. He also has allies in Father Murphy and Patrolman Frank Bannon.
His most recent appearance in the Journal of the League of Adventure Seekers was in the issue entitled “Gerald O’Reilly and *********************************”. He also appeared recently in the issue entitled “Doctor Periodical and the Countdown to Doomsday”, saving the world from certain doom as well as in “Nick Swift and the Forgotten People” where he saved Nick’s life.
Gerald loves *****************************************.
He hates *************************************.
Gerald also has a secret… [but we’re not telling].

He can be described by the following traits…

  • Gregarious
  • Generous
  • Superstitious
  • Loud
  • Theatrical
  • *************************
  • *************************
  • *************************
  • *************************

He has developed the following skills…

  • Persuasion
  • Brawl
  • **********************
  • Firearms
  • Investigate
  • **********************

Gerald’s most cherished possessions include…

  • a spanish silver dollar
  • ***********************
  • a police revolver
  • an antique pocket watch (formerly belonging to a mobster)

Gerald O'Reilly

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