Hercules - Adventurer - Enforcer


Hercules (Deceased)


Hercules was a huge Orangutan who joined Chakra Khan’s army when his brother and he were rescued from the experimental lab and zoo in which they were kept. He lacked his brother’s intelligence and wisdom, but more than made up for it in brawn. He was a natural (if cruel) leader who quickly became (with his brother) one of Chakra Khan’s chief lieutenants. His chief task was to act a sergeant major, trainer, and chief enforcer for the army.

He died before the walls of the jungle city of Zinj from a bullethole to the brain while trying to revenge himself upon Mercy Jones for the death of his brother.


Hercules was raised in captivity in a congolese zoo and subject to experimentation. His size and strength were enhanced substantially though his intelligence was enhanced less so. He was devoted to his brother who acted as a defact parent. When Paracelsus joined Chakra Khan’s forces after their rescue he naturally joined as well. His speech was broken but he was very good at taking and giving orders and quickly brought discipline to Khan’s unruly ranks and file army.


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