Jesus Martinez

Jesus Martinez - Adventurer - Smuggler



Jesus Martinez is one of the few genuine career criminals in the Nazca Jail, though the Police chief is unaware of this (having framed him for petty burglary simply because he was a stranger in town). In point of fact, Martinez is the leader of Peru’s largest smuggling operation and not a man to cross. He expects to be released by his compatriots in crime very soon (and intends to revenge himself very thoroughly upon Gomez Santiago for his incarceration.
He is covered in tattoos and scars from many many knife fights. He is strong and smart and has established himself as the boss of the prison. He allows new comers to the prison to be beaten up merely for the entertainment value, but if they prove themselves to be strong, he offers them his protection.


Hi grew up an orphan, was large for his age, and quickly became a street fighter, participating in gambling sponsored brawls to make a living. From there he made connections with the underworld and became a standover man engaged in protection racketeering. His natural intelligence led him away from the work of hired muscle to smuggling. He doesn’t enjoy violence particularly but knows how to apply it to good effect and has now scruples regarding its use. He quickly worked his way to the top and took over the smuggling rackets with a combination of clever maneuvering and ruthless behavior. He has developed a unique sense of honor. He always repays his debts, aid with aid, betrayal with vengeance.

Jesus Martinez

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