John Whistler (The Technomaster)

John Whistler - Academic - Gadgeteer/Weird Scientist



He is confined to a wheelchair and wears long, coarse robes of a rough woollen fibre with a hood that acts to keep his features hidden in darkness. He has piercing blue eyes which flash with anger at the slightest provocation. He has long slim hands made rough by his work with metals and machinery. His voice is hollow and bitter, a rough whisper that rises to a shout in moments of intense emotion. He is surrounded by the smell of machine oil, grease, and burnt electrical wiring.

Sample Dialog: The fools who live above ground and enjoy the light of day are mere cattle, too stupid to know their days as masters of the world are numbered. When I am finished they will all grovel before me and then they’ll regret their treatment of my genius. I will show them all!


John Whistler was on his way to greatness when the Great War came along, a research scientist and inventor par excellence. He did his part and signed up but a bullet in the back put an end to his days on two legs. A victim of friendly fire, he was confined to a wheelchair and returned stateside, but once back he was considered an embarrassment. He received a letter of thanks for his service, a medal (in the mail) and a tiny pension. No-one wanted to hire a maimed researcher and his career was destroyed. He lost his home, his lab, everything. As his bitterness grew so did his desire for revenge. He hatched a scheme to takeover the city’s criminal organisations as the first move in a much larger game. He invented a machine which can listen into the homes and offices of many of the city’s wealthiest men and women (in order to gather blackmail material) and iinvented a new kind of weapon (an electronic disrupter gun) that he sold to the city’s criminal element. Most recently he was engaged in strange researches in South America, enslaving whole populations to take part in archaeological digs and the recovery of objects of power. It appears his plan has been to take over the world.

John Whistler (The Technomaster)

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