Julio Chavez

Julio Chavez - Mystic - Head man of Ayacucho Village



Julio is a man touched with destiny. He is old and weathered, but kindly and full of wisdom. At 70 years of age his face shows the lines of a man who has seen much and worked hard, surviving many hard years of labor, yet never giving in to despair. When the heroes first meet him he is a slave of the Technomaster and has endured much cruelty at his hands. His thoughts are always and only for his people.


Julio grew up in Ayacucho village in a time before the invention of the motor car etc. He has seen great change over his lifetime. When only a small boy he was approached by a traveling Shaman woman who told him he would one day save his people. She gave him a number of talismans for warding off evil and described a meeting in his far future with some northerners who would help bring an end to a great evil. He never forgot and has waited patiently for the day of their coming, enduring even slavery at the hands of the Technomaster in order to do his part in ridding the world of a great evil.

Julio Chavez

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