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Michael Schneider - Academic - Gadgeteer


Michael Schneider



Michael is very similar in appearance to Gambit (of X-Men fame). He is never seen without a pair of special goggles of his own invention.


He is a tinkerer by nature, a skilled survivalist, and trained in the use of firearms. He has worked in the business world and is skilled in resource management, banking and finance, and social networking at the highest levels.


Michael is very curious about the way things work, creative, has a superb memory, and gained an interest in the Macabre as a child. Like many Germans of the period he is both self-confident and self-righteous. He is fastidious and obsessive about safety around machines, as well as thoroughly independent. He is sincere, and tactful. An incident of sabotage during his apprenticeship has taught him to value personal loyalty above all else. While he respects authority, he can be overconfident, stubborn, and has not been above occasionally sourcing his work materials from less than reputable sources. He has, to date, avoided all forms of romantic entanglement, believing himself too busy for romance.
He loves all things mechanical, macabre, and metal. He also has a soft spot for guns. He has an intense dislike of oceans, lakes, rivers, and venomous creatures.

Guiding Beliefs

Michael believes it is essential to think outside the box and that a job should be done well or not done at all.


Recent Adventures

Michael Schneider featured most recently in the League of Adventure Seeker’s publications “Michael Schneider and the Desert Temple”, “Michael Schneider and the Miniaturised Replicating Machines”, and “Michael Schneider and the Brass Colossus of Macao”. He made guest appearances in “Dr. John Waters and the Attack of the Corpse Snatcher Vines” (where he assisted the Dr in saving the world) and also in “Mercy Jones and the Mystery of the Sky Whale Song” (where he saved her life).

Personal History


Michael’s father was an explorer and his mother a librarian. He was born in Germany and grew up in a large house full of macabre objects that he found all over the world. At a young age his father gave him a pickled brain in a jar. It is among his favourite possessions and he has often speculated on the purpose behind the circuitry embedded in the glass container.

Teen years

As a teenager Michael went to a private school and obtained a mechanic’s apprenticeship. His mother died when he was 16. He did a lot of hunting with his father when he had holidays. During these years he designed and built the engineering goggles he now takes with him everywhere. During his apprenticeship the firm Michael worked for was the victim of sabotage. One of his fellow apprentices, jealous of Michael’s success, accepted payment from a competing business to wreck the firm’s machine works. Michael has never forgotten the event or the one responsible for it.


Early in his adult life, Michael went into business for himself as an inventor. He had great success developing his automatic gun, machine pistol, warbot, servantbot, infra goggles, and rocketpack. His proudest moment to date has been the successful completion of the servantbot. Michael began adventuring in search of inspiration for his inventions. He wants global recognition and fame and thinks he may find it with his current plans for a space rocket. He is looking for the perfect woman but time and his unusually high standards of perfection suggest he will be single for some time.

Important Possessions

Michael’s most important possessions are his goggles, his brain in a jar, tools, technical schematics, workshop, and a bone necklace he received from his father.


The most important people in Michael’s life are his family and the teacher who apprenticed him.

He is well acquainted with the black market, arms dealers, and dealers in “difficult to obtain” materials and supplies. He is also well connected in high society, banking, and finance circles.


He is the focus of the eternal jealousy Fritz Von Fromm, the apprentice whose perceived slights resulted in the sabotage attack on the firm where Michael completed his apprenticeship.






Michael Schneider

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