Nick Swift

Nick Swift - Adventurer - Pilot


Nick swift


Strength 4
Willpower 3
Resistance 4
Essence 3
Initial skill points 8
Hero points 4
Max wounds 8


Aviation 4
Drive 2
Sabotage 2
Shooting/marksmanship/gun knowledge (big and small) 2
Knowledge of the Mysterious Far East 1
Brawl 2
Bluff 1
Catch 1
Climb 1
Hide 1
Perception 1
Run 1
Search 1
Sneak 1
Swim 1
Throw 1
Melee 1


Nick Swift, born in Seattle (October 1899) and currently keeping residence in Star City, is a pilot, adventurer, and member of the League of Adventure Seekers.
He looks like a young and roguish Gregory Peck typically found dressed in boots, slacks, button up and flight jacket but favors a white tuxedo for more formal occasions.
Nick’s aims in life are simple. He wants to have fun, save the day, get the girl, flirt a little, keep looking sharp, and wow them with a smile.
He was born and raised in Washington State. A country boy at heart, his father was the owner of a small general store. His mother was “stay-at-home” but had something of a fascination with engines and was a great amateur mechanic.
In his teenage years, Nick spent a brief period working on the farm owned by a friend’s family. Spurning work in his own family’s business, Nick wanted to make it on his own. Despite being too young to enlist, Nick left home to fight in the Great war.
Returning from the war he took his love of machines and driving to new heights. He achieved a Captaincy in the air-force and became a peace-time test pilot after the war (specifically testing long range aircraft). One such plane crashed, stranding him in the mysterious far east.
His proudest moment was the rescue, against incredible odds, of the entire population of Xiao Long village. His greatest regret resulted from “calling the Emperor short”.
His greatest enemy is Fibonachi The Fantastic, a magician turned mad scientist who will stop at nothing to be revenged upon Nick. Nick wrecked the villain’s magic show and the Earthquake machine the villainous Fibonachi had created.
Nick is fearless, loyal, confident, and knows what lines he will not cross, but he is also smart-mouthed, short-sighted, trusting, dim-witted, and easily manipulated.
Nick believes a person must be honest, care for one’s friends, and speak for those who have no voice.
His closest friend is “The Doc” otherwise known as Doctor Periodical. He also has allies amongst his flying compatriots around the world and can always rely on the villagers of Xiao Long if he happens to be in the area.
His most recent appearance in the Journal of the League of Adventure Seekers was in the issue entitled “Nick Swift and the Forgotten People”. He also appeared recently in the issue entitled “Doctor Periodical and the Countdown to Doomsday”, saving the erstwhile doctor’s life.
Nick loves oriental cuisine, science, flying, and punching ancient pagan deities.
He hates oppressive regimes.
Nick also has a secret… [but we’re not telling].

He can be described by the following traits…

  • Dashing good looks
  • A strong moral compass
  • A love of machines and mechanical sciences
  • Impetuosity – a tendancy to act first and think later (if at all)
  • Independance – a desire to stand on his own two feet
  • Showmanship
  • Loyalty
  • Bravery – the ability to laugh in the face of danger
  • An unswerving commitment to the motto “fight hard and we all stay alive”
  • A flirtatious belief that “there is always time for love”
  • A commitment to anti-colonialism
  • A preference for small government by and for the people

He has developed the following skills…

  • Sabotage – the ability to strategically wreck machinery
  • Driving – if it has a motor, Nick can drive it
  • Dodge – keeping his head down
  • Aviation
  • Shooting/marksmanship/gun knowledge
  • Brawling
  • Knowledge of the Mysterious Far East

Nick’s most cherished possessions include…

  • A loving family
  • Standard service issue pistols
  • A small jade dragon pendant
  • His flight goggles
  • His airman’s satchel bag
  • A decorative knife

Nick Swift

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