Princess N'Wadia

Princess N'Wadia - Royalty - Daughter of Congolese President


Princess N’Wadia


The Princess is the daughter of the Congolese President, (before the events leading to her rescue a typically haughty and selfish teenager) was reduced during her ordeal to a filthy, bruised and terrified creature, barely recognisable as the girl she was. Her once rich clothing was reduced to dirty rags from the weeks of jungle travel and she spent most of her time trussed up like a wild pig. Witnessing her mother’s murder at the hands of Chakra Khan left her almost catatonic. Once recovered, however, she was extremely grateful to the adventurers who risked life and limb to save her and she will be a staunch supporter of the League of Adventure Seekers and a helpful ally (should the group return to the Congo).


Princess N'Wadia

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