Rosa Majalel

Rosa Majalel - Mystic - Descendant of ancient priesthood



Rosa is young and beautiful, 17 years of age. She has long been protected by her father (over-protected really) who treasures her above all else. She is now of marriageable age and Arturo (her father) wishes to see her married as soon as possible. She has been raised in Ayacucho village and is greatly loved. She knows little of the outside world, is gifted musically, and has lovely soprano singing voice. She knows nothing of the Technomaster and his plans.


Rosa is a direct descendant of the High Priestly line that once ruled in the City of the Gold Spider (though she does not know it). Her blood is of symbolic significance to the Technomaster’s establishment of control over the Cult of the Teeth and the region surrounding Ayacucho.

Rosa Majalel

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