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Episode2 - The Cult of the Teeth


Act 1

While Councillor Lloyd Jansen promotes an anti-vigilante bill at the office of Mayor FrankWright, Havelock Maynard III comes to town to hunt and make a trophy of one of the giant albino alligators that were plaguing the city until recently. He is a glory hound and headline seeker with a gift for coming too late to most newsworthy events.

He is also a friend (if only one who is annoying and embarrassing to be seen with). He has talked our Heroes into dinner at the Metro on the first night of his arrival. In typical fashion he has wired the newspapers ahead of his visit and has been making ink for some days. Amidst the photographers and news reporters sit our heroes, uncomfortably aware that Maynard is basking in their reflected notoriety when suddenly the restaurant is invaded by a group of 6 South Americans in the garb of savages. A fight ensues as the intruders attempt to kill the heroes with blowguns.

They run when 3 of their number are out of action. They have the disconcerting ability to melt into the shadows. When pursued they disappear somewhere near the University district. While trying to escape, the leader of the attackers drops a collapsible blow-gun with a weird blue diamond tipped dart in it.

Havelock is ecstatic at these events. Tomorrow’s headlines will be drawn from tonight’s escapade and plays up his heroism in typically annoying fashion.

Act 2

The next day the police wake our heroes with the news that Havelock is dead, found killed in ritual fashion at the university library. They are asked to attend. Attending the scene, the heroes find Havelock’s body, a strange symbol carved into his forehead (that looks like a fang), and his heart removed. There is a great deal of blood. In Maynard’s hand is a crumpled photo of a girl.

The college dean (Allistair Standish) asks to see the heroes and reveals that three girls have gone missing from the college dorms in the last two weeks. No-one has heard anything of them until now – the photo is of one of the missing girls (Shelley Rossiter). All of the girls belong to the Beta Phi Sorority. He will be happy to put the heroes in touch with the Sorority head, Claire Mannix – a sensible girl of sober habits and dependable nature.

Caesar Cordova, head of the Cordova crime family sends his goons to bring the heroes to a mobile meeting as soon as the heroes leave the campus. He insists that the girls at the university are in danger and that the Dean, Allistair Standish, has something to do with it. He wants the heroes to look into it (and hints darkly that he will be very grateful). When pressed, it turns out that his neice, Marjory Ellison (on his wife’s side) is attending the university and he will look very negatively on anyone who lets anything happen to her.
When let out of the car, another car pulls up and an envelope is thrown at the heroes feet. It contains a typed note which reads; “Your days are numbered, get out of town now, or else. This is your last warning. – Tommy Boscone.” The car roars away.

The dorm room has been turned upside down. There is no sign of the girl to be found but some blood is on the doorframe. The only thing that appears odd is a leaflet poking out from the mattress advertising “Party Venue of the Year, Warehouse 6 on pier 3 of the Star City docks”.

The warehouse looks abandoned with no sign of a “party” anywhere. Entering the warehouse one of the heroes steps on a hidden plate releasing a strong sleeping gas.
The players awaken bound and gagged before a large golden altar.

Act 3

Standing in front of the Altar is a pale girl in the ritual garb of a South American priestess. It is Claire Mannix, her eyes showing a strange gleam. Tied down to the altar is Shelley Rossiter, mercifully unconscious. Behind and to the left of Claire stands Allistaire Standish (also in cult clothing) looking miserable, and behind them both stands a strange obelisk of stone carved with odd symbols (recognizable as the one stolen recently from the Natural History Museum).

Over the tied girl hangs a lamp with a glowing piece of coal in it.

In front of the altar stand four cultists.

Claire is feeling talkative and reveals the following.

  • We are the cult of the teeth, dedicated to the worship of the alligator god.
  • The recent events in the city have made Star City holy to us so we have come here to worship.
  • Blasphemer’s such as Havelock Maynard III could not be allowed to despoil the favored creatures of the Alligator God.
  • Standish has been blackmailed into supplying the cult with victims. I have compromising photos of him in flagrante delecto with… myself.
  • Tonight only one sacrifice is needed to finally charge the Stone of Iridion to full capacity. Once charged a portal will be opened and the stone ( a power source of some kind) will be passed through to the cult’s sponsor.
  • It is this sponsor who has rescued the cult from near destruction and given it this glorious opportunity to rise again.

She checks with Standish that the heroes have been properly tied. He responds in the affirmative, but gives the heroes a meaningful look. She clearly treats him with contempt and it is also clear that he feels nothing but hatred for her.

The bonds, when tested, are actually rather weak and could, with some work be removed. Obvious weaponry has been removed (but the collapsible blow gun has been overlooked).
Before the heroes can make good their escape Claire begins chanting and plunges a knife into the captured girls chest. As the players watch, the lump of coal begins to glow blue and form into a crystal or diamond of some kind. With a strange ringing noise the glow fades leaving a perfect crystal hanging in the lamp.

Claire reaches for it and takes it to the obelisk where a small depression sits in the middle.
As Claire begins to take the crystal towards the obelisk the heroes are freed. They hesitate as the cultists in front of the altar turn to deal with them and Standish suddenly yells “hit the crystal you fools”.

Putting the crystal into the depression the obelisk begins to shimmer strangely and then become transparent. The space within the obelisk seems to ripple and a figure can be seen on the other side, cowled and cloaked. Seated in some kind of conveyance that is rolling towards the opening. He reaches out to take the crystal. 

The players fire the blue dart into it. Destroying the crystal causes the portal to explode releasing a huge amount of energy.

Standish is killed instantly. Unhurt cult members take off into the shadows of the Warehouse.

Claire Mannix is badly wounded and appears to not know where she is or what she was doing. The police are hostile because of rumours that the heroes are working for the Cordovas, not helped at all by the card of thanks sent by Caesar Cordova.

When the heroes return to their place of residence a note arrives saying “Time’s up – Tommy Boscone”.


I love reading back through this one and remembering your fantastic NPCs! It was jam packed. Shame we didn’t get to see more of Havelock; he was a total bro and I was super amused by his lies.

Know what we know now, I’m glad we didn’t do anything to Claire. Well, anything irreversible, anyway.

Episode2 - The Cult of the Teeth

Oops. I forgot to come back and add the last couple of paragraphs to this one. They are there now… and I’m glad you liked it.

Episode2 - The Cult of the Teeth

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