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Player Characters

Penelope Goodhart

Mercy Jones

Dr John Waters

Michael Schneider

Current Experience Awards

Character xp earned last session xp spent total xp awarded
Penelope Goodhart 23 53
Mercy Jones 21 50
John Waters 21 49
Michael Schneider 21 47


1933 – Episode 1 – Uprising

(Flashback to 1932) Episode 3 – The City of the Gold Spider


Session Report

City of the Gold Spider


Star City

The Regency Hotel

The Tibalt Theatre

  • The Sewers beneath the Tibalt Theatre

The Star City Airport

Nazca Police Station and Jail


City of the Gold Spider, Andes Jungle

  • Temple of Skulls
  • Excavation Pit
  • Sacred Way
  • Well of Sacrifice
  • Cavern of the Scorpion Fish God
  • Temple of the Spider God
    • Throne room of the Itzamna of the Gold Spider
    • Place of Challenge
    • Treasure Chamber
    • Inner Sanctum

Characters encountered

Jordan Wilson (Cab Driver)
Tarantula Drone
Felicio Dominguez (Brother to Jose Dominguez)
Gomez Santiago (corrupt Nazca Chief of Police)
Jesus Martinez (Peruvian Smuggling Boss)
Arturo Majalel (Peruvian Guide and Truck Driver)
Rosa Majalel (Daughter of Arturo Majalel)
Julio Chavez (Head Man, Ayacucho Village)
Jose Dominguez (Fiance to Claire Mannix)
John Whistler (The Technomaster)

Important Information

The Technomaster has been engaged in an attempt to speed up the development of new weaponry world wide in the hopes of precipitating a new global conflict. This information will be used by the League to thwart his wider plans.

Claire Mannix really was under the control of the Technomaster when she committed the murders that occurred in Star City during February of 1932 and the proof needed to clear her name is located in the Technomaster’s inner sanctum in the City of the Gold Spider, Peru.

Items obtained

Spell Disks of the Scorpion Fish God; Animate Dead; Energy Blast; Drain Magic; Magical Shield
Protection Amulets (1), (2), (3), (4)
Damaged but glowing Crystal from Obelisk
Technomaster’s powered leg attachments
Technomaster’s mind control potion
Technomaster’s Journal

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